Week 1 Lab 2

My Background

MY name is Ben Duggan and I am from St. Louis, Mo (technically Chesterfield but people do know where that is). I went to Chaminade College Preparatory School.I have been doing simple programing sense the 8th grade. My in sophomore year of school I took Java and then AP Java in Junior year. Senior year I took a web design class. I have my own site (although nothing is really on it) which you can check out here. Fun Fact: The Mens Gatorade National Basketball Player of the Year went to my school.

My Expectations

I hope to get a better approach to programming and informatics work. I hope that I will learn much more than what I already know, however I understand that this is an elementary level course. I also hope that my skills in programming will be reaffirmed and put to test like they were not in high school.