Our Problem (Scenario 6)

Although we live in an age where computers dominate the market and allow more and more connectivity among people from all over the world, there are still millions of students and families without computers.

How might this problem be solved? To make the problem space smaller, please focus on people in the State of Indiana.

About Our Problem

While we were not given the project that we wanted, we started to lik this project the more we researched the computer problem in Indiana. People’s access to computers is limited when they live in rural communities and don’t have a lot of money. From the research we’ve done (which you can see here), we have came up with three propositions (which you can see here). We believe that these propositions will help to solve the computer problem in Indiana.

Meet The Team

From left-right: Suxzhang, Ziyue, Ben Duggan and Chae Kim

Chae Woon Kimm

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I’m an adventurer, I’m a dreamer, I’m a realist, and ultimately I’m a goof. As you can tell, I am a man of many attributes, but I’d like to think of myself as a determined individual. I am currently a sophomore who is majoring in Informatics with an Entrepreneurship Certificate across SOIC and Kelley.

Ever since a young age, my deep passion for technology has never stopped propelling me to who I am today. I’ve always believed that nothing is impossible and till this day, that mantra has never left me. I love a good laugh and I’m always up for a new adventure, but for now I’d like to finish off my degree and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

On a side note, as professional as that picture shown might be, I am more approachable than the picture may seem!

Ben Duggan

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My name is Ben Duggan and, I’m currently an 18 year old student at Indiana University Bloomington. I was born and currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri with my parents, brother, sister and dog. My hobbies include programing, swimming, playing guitar and spending time with family and friends.

At IU I am studying Informatics with a cognate in Medical Sciences. In the future I hope to combine my programing interests with my medical interests and become a MD practicing medicine and trying to advance the medical field using new technologies.


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My name is Suxin Zhang. I was born in China, and I came to America ten years ago when I was 10. When I was first immigrated, I was so scared because I do not know what it would feel like to live in America. Now I like it very much and enjoy my life here in the America.


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Before I decided to declare my major in IU, I studied finance for two years back in China. After I transferred here, I was a pre-business student but soon found myself not that intrested in business and finance. I was a big fan of video games, I own every generation of the PlayStation console. Moreover, the rise of Visual Reality makes me decide to major in Informatics/Computer Science. Assassin's Creed is my most favourite vedio game. The story of Ezio is really beautiful! I'm so glad and excited that they remake Ezio's game in PS4 platform.

You may wonder why my friends call me "husky". Well, everyone know I LOVE husky. They are cute when they are still puppies, and they are cool and handsome when they grow up. My friends also say that I share some similar characteristics with husky. That I'm sometimes as "stupid" as huskies, "stupid" in a good way of course. I can always amuse them :)

Although I really love huskies, I haven't had a dog or cat as a pet. However, I had three lizard pets. The first one was a green iguana, and the other two were Pogona vitticeps. They were cute and calm, but they all passed away because of age and I really missed them.