About me.

My name is Ben Duggan and, I’m currently a 19 year old sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington. I was born and currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri with my parents, brother, sister and dog. My hobbies include programing, swimming, playing guitar and spending time with family and friends.

At IU I am studying Computer Science and plan to specialize in Artificial Intelligence or Data Science. In the future I hope to combine my programing interests with my medical interests and become a MD practicing medicine and trying to advance the medical field using new technologies. If you would like to get in contact with me you can email me at bendugga@umail.iu.edu.

Additionally you can visit my twitter, although I don't post on it a lot.

Contact me.

You can contact me with any questions or concerns you have at my Indiana University email address. This email address is bendugga@umail.iu.edu.


My most recent projects.


Click the picture of my resume to download it. It was last updated 8/21/17.